Best Way to Clean False Lashes

The eyes are the windows to a man’s soul, this we all know. And what further characterizes the eyes are of course the lashes. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with natural long, curly lashes. Some have to resort to embedding eyelash extensions which require constant touch ups, while others prefer wearing false lashes which can be put on during special occasions. For those who embrace the art of wearing falsies, this beauty article is especially crafted just for you.

The Magic of Makeup Remover

Knowing how to clean false lashes requires not only knowledge, but also practice since the strands are sensitive and thin. One magic trick to remove residues is to invest in a quality yet mild makeup remover. Whenever possible, choose products that are oil-free.

To undertake this eyelash hack, you will need the following: tweezers, cotton swabs, water-based makeup remover, and cotton. Using your tweezers, thoroughly pick out the dried glue from the lashes. Take your time and never rush. Otherwise, you may uproot the strands and render your eyelash pair unusable. Once cleared of the visible residue, you can proceed to soaking your pair of falsies with the makeup remover on top of a cotton pad or ball. After which, grab another cotton pad or ball and cover it over the already drenched lashes for about half a minute. Covering allows better soaking and softening of oil, dirt, and adhesives. Then you are ready to wipe off the stubborn residues.

Go for the Basic Soap and Water Combo

Cleaning your lashes thoroughly is critical, lest it leads to bacterial accumulation and cause eye infection. Dirty falsies also make it more difficult for the user to re-apply them. This becomes a costly habit as you have to constantly replace your false lashes. If you’re not a make-up person, there are other alternatives to cleaning solutions you can use. For one, you can try the dishwashing liquid as lash cleaner.

So far, dishwashing liquid is the most economical eyelash cleaning solution. Choose a mild formula infused with antibacterial properties and prepare the other materials you’ll need, including paper towel, warm/hot water, tweezers, and mascara brush. Soak your used falsies into the warm dishwashing solution, created by mixing 1 tsp of soap with ¼ cup of water, for a good 15 to 30 seconds. Then you can start pulling out the glue and other residues with your tweezers. After which, rinse the falsies with warm water. Remember to place them back into their containers only when completely dried.

In the absence of a dishwashing liquid, make use of your toddler’s shampoo as eyelash cleaner. It has the same gentle cleaning effect.

Be On the Go with a Bottle of Alcohol

When you’re traveling, finding soap or makeup remover may be difficult. You either run out of supply or the product is simply unavailable. For this reason, regular wearers of falsies are advised to carry a tiny bottle of alcohol, which doubles as a sanitizer and lash cleaner.

Alcohol not only cleans but also disinfects and removes stains from your falsies. Soak your favorite pair in rubbing alcohol for 1 to 2 minutes. Follow the same process as you would when cleaning falsies using other solutions – pull out the residue, fan out using a clean mascara brush, and rinse. Just always remember to pat them dry and remove excess liquid using paper towel before replacing them on their receptacles.

Keep Soft with Coconut Oil

Are you afraid to apply synthetic chemicals on your falsies? You can always shift to organic finds such as coco oil, which is widely used as a natural makeup remover. To apply, grab a cotton swab and submerge one tip into a container filled with coconut oil. Gently yet thoroughly rub it on your pair of falsies. Stroking should be uni-directional to avoid clumping. With oil, stubborn dirt easily softens and becomes removable. Any remaining glue can thereafter be plucked using tweezers.

Washing your hands before the cleaning process is ideal to avoid contamination. Another important tip to take to heart is to be gentle with the process, lest the entire lashes will be ruined. Lastly, keep their boxes, preferably those with curved platforms, in good condition for storing your falsies. You absolutely do not want your beauty investments to be crumpled and loose shape.