Olive Oil and Weight Loss

woman smelling olive oilA lot of people have been saying for years that olive oil is a dieter’s best friend. It now seems that they were in fact correct. Not only does olive oil taste delicious, it is also full of the good kinds of fats, the ones that help your heart and overall health. Plus, it can fight off various stomach bugs and upsets. However, did you know that it is now possible to lose weight thanks to olive oil without even eating it? That’s right, according to a study printed in the American Journal of Nutrition, it is now possible to lose weight by SMELLING olive oil!

The Study
The study was performed on 11 men over the course of two days. One of these men was given regular yogurt, five received low fat yogurt and five received low fat yogurt with extract of olive oil. After consuming the yogurt, brain activity was measured.

What the results demonstrated was that those who ate the yogurt with olive oil extract had more blood flow to the brain. This is normally seen when people eat more fat. However, the actual content of fat was just as low as in regular yogurt. It is believed that this is due to the olive oil smell, which helps people feel full.

Indeed, this study is one in a long line of similar studies that have demonstrated that olive oil can help people feel fuller quicker for longer. However, it is the first time that it has been demonstrated that just the smell of olive oil can achieve this.

It seems that dietary fat gives us feelings of reward, which is why fast food restaurants are so successful. We all know that there is nothing good, wholesome, healthy or nutritious about eating a McDonald’s. We even know that we don’t really feel full after eating some. Yet, we still continue to go to the fast food giant (and others) to eat what they serve us. This is because our brain likes to receive fat. This is why olive oil is so important, because if simply the smell of it can give our brains those feelings of reward, then an olive oil weight loss diet could just be one of the easiest diets to follow.

There’s More!
It isn’t just about smelling olive oil, though. Eating it is also very beneficial for weight loss. As stated, we know it is good for our overall health and our heart health. It also helps with digestion and it creates more regular stools, which means our body no longer stores any toxins. Hence, if you are wondering does olive oil help weight loss, the answer would be most definitely.

Is olive oil good for weight loss? Absolutely! Whether you eat it or smell it, it will only do you good.

This article is taken from http://www.weightlossnote.com